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John Hazard's Online Journal

the OFFICIAL Blog of Operation Impending Doom 2 (okay, not really)

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John Hazard
14 November 1963
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Cartoonist, Animator at Nick.com. IM me for more.
80's, alternative comics, america ferrara, animation, anime, art: sculpture, bad movies, bbw, bdsm, bela lugosi, bjork, blondie, body art, body modification, boris karloff, bride of frankenstein, bruce timm, burlesque, camryn manheim, carnivale, cartooning, cartoons, chihuahuas, christopher lee, cocteau twins, comix: comic books, computers, coop, dame darcy, daniel clowes, documentary, dogs, dr. who, dracula, durga, ed wood, eightball, eighties, elvis costello, fat girls, feminism, fight club, flcl, fooly cooly, french bulldogs, frida kahlo, friendster.com, futurama, gilbert hernandez, goddess worship, goth, hedwig, hellboy, hindu, hitchcock, horror, illustration, independant filmmaking, india, indie comics, indie filmmaking, invader zim, jack kirby, jaime hernandez, kali, kids in the hall, lena lovich, lifestyle: tattoos, livejournal.com, love and rockets, macromedia flash, margaret cho, maya, mike mignola, misc.: buddhism, moebius, monster, morrissey, movies: david lynch, mr. winkle, music: david bowie, new york, new york city, nina hagen, nyc, occult, piercings, pin-up girls, pin-ups, psychedelic furs, pugs, queen latifa, religious imagery, rituals, sandra bernhard, satanism, sci fi, science fiction, sculpting, secret societies, sex pistols, smallville, smashing pumpkins, stone temple pilots, tattoo flash, the black cat, the clash, the cult, the cure, the prisoner, the simpsons, the smiths, the tingler, times square, transgender, tv: star trek, twin peaks, vanessa del rio, vincent price, web: dodgeball.com, white stripes, women's studies, women: janean garofalo, world famous *bob*, zombies

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